Stopping & Preventing Flashing Leaks

A leaky chimney can be a big problem caused by a small thing, like a little gap or separation in the metal flashing at the base of the chimney chase where it exits the roof. But without knowing where to look or what to look for, the cause of your leak could be hard to pinpoint. Don’t worry because SirVent STL Chimney & Venting Service is here to help.

We have years of experience fixing leaky chimneys and one of our specialties is flashing repair. Whether the flashing was installed wrong or time and weather have caused it to fail in some way, we can provide an effective solution that will put a stop to your leak, fast.

But first, let’s start with some of the basics.

What is chimney flashing for?

Chimney flashing is really just a protective component designed to keep rain, snow, and other outside moisture from working its way into the home where the chimney exits the roof. This area isn’t watertight on its own, and if water gets in, it can cause attic damage and other leak-related issues. Flashing is installed to prevent this.

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What causes flashing leaks?

Flashing leaks are usually caused by one of three things:

  1. Bad installation — Like anything, with flashing, proper installation is key to performance. Each seam needs to be protected and each sheet of flashing needs to be flat and watertight. The right materials also need to be used to ensure that the flashing lasts, despite the erosive qualities of moisture. If too many nail holes are made or flashing isn’t layered and installed just so, water will find a way in.
  2. Corrosion & damage caused by weather — With an average rainfall count four inches higher than the national average, flashing here in Jackson, MO sees its fair share of moisture. If weaker metals are used during installation — rather than stainless steel or copper — water can cause the flashing to corrode and rust. Once the metal is worn thin or openings form, a leak is inevitable. But water isn’t the only natural cause of flashing damage and failure. Strong winds can lift flashing and fallen tree branches and limbs can dent flashing, leaving areas for pooling water to form. Once water pools in these areas, it’s only a matter of time before a leak develops.
  3. Tampering — Little animals like squirrels can get into all kinds of trouble, and the flashing around your chimney isn’t exempt from their shenanigans. They can lift up portions of the flashing and create entryways for rain and snow, and if these entryways aren’t sealed quickly, a leak will show up.

What should you look for if you think you have a flashing leak?

Flashing leaks are often confused with roof leaks because they both can cause water damage to attics, wood framing rot, drywall damage, and ceiling damage. If you see any of these types of water damage in your home and the damage is located near the chimney area, there’s a pretty good chance the flashing is what’s causing the leak.

How does SirVent STL repair flashing and prevent future flashing leaks?

If repairs are needed, we can use a product known as FlashSeal, which forms a waterproof membrane on the flashing. This covers any openings or gaps that need to be sealed, and keeps the metal protected against future damage, like corrosion and rust. And because it remains permanently flexible, you don’t have to worry about it cracking or failing due to expansion or house settling.

What’s better? FlashSeal provides 7 years of guaranteed leak protection and comes in brown, black, and white for a better match with your home.

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