Prevent Leaks & Save Your Chimney & Wallet With ChimneySaver Sealing & Waterproofing Products

Fixing leaky chimneys is one of our specialties here at SirVent STL, but we’re not just your go-to company for stopping chimney leaks — we also partner with our customers to prevent them.

How do we do that? By using the very best industry products — products that are proven to keep 99.9% of rain and moisture out of masonry and prevent all kinds of water-related damage, without leaving an unattractive sheen or tint behind. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Keep reading!

ChimneySaver — Protection Against More Than Just Leaks

We seal and waterproof masonry chimneys with ChimneySaver water-repellent, easily the most trusted and effective product on the market. Why is it the #1 water-repellent used by chimney professionals? Let’s take a look…

ChimneySaver is:

  • made for chimneys
  • non-toxic and water-based
  • environmentally friendly
  • non-glossy and tint-free
  • fast-drying

But most importantly, it’s100% vapor permeable, which means water vapor produced by the fire when your fireplace is in use can still pass through the masonry. The reason that’s so important is that trapped water vapor can be just as damaging to your masonry chimney as a leak. In other words, those paints and silicone based sealants used to “waterproof” chimneys can actually make matters worse.

What else do you need to know about this product? Once applied to your chimney, you’ll get 10 years of guaranteed protection against:

  • masonry chimney leaks
  • water damage like spalling, flaking, or popping brick and cracking, receding mortar joints
  • algae, mildew, and mold growth on the exterior of your chimney
  • water damage like efflorescence, discoloration, and the devastating freeze/thaw process that’s responsible for a vast majority of masonry damage

This product really is the best, so don’t look for waterproofing options at Lowe’s or another big box store. Choose a product that’s good enough for the professionals — choose ChimneySaver.

Dark Brick with Masonry Water Damage

Sealing & Waterproofing Your Chimney Is Fast, Affordable & Effective With SirVent STL

The team here at SirVent STL Chimney & Venting Service has years of experience fixing and preventing leaky chimneys, and we can have this amazing sealing and waterproofing product applied on your masonry chimney in no time. Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM, our team is at your service.

To learn more or schedule an appointment to have your chimney waterproofed, sealed, and protected against leaks, call us at 573-652-3926 or fill out our online appointment request form today.