We Save Our Customers Money & Frustration With Quality Chimney Caps & Energy Top Dampers

Here at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service, we’re pleased to offer our customers in Missouri and Southern Illinois the very best chimney products. Our products are designed to keep your chimney in great condition and to prevent unnecessarily high energy bills and costly repair bills. What are these products and how do they help?

Chimney Caps — Your Chimney’s Best Defense Against Rain, Animals & Birds

Naturally, you want your chimney to be leak free, animal free, and long lasting, but it’ll need a little help from a chimney cap. A chimney cap is a copper, stainless steel, or other metal cover that goes over your square, round, or rectangular chimney flue.

By covering the flue entirely, chimney caps keep rain, snow, and sleet from pummeling down onto and into the flue. Given the fact that moisture can virtually destroy the masonry, metal, and wooden components of your chimney and the surrounding walls, ceilings, and attic space, a quality chimney cap can save you thousands in repairs. Most caps have a mesh area as well to prevent small animals and birds from coming in.

Here at SirVent STL, we have a variety of American-made chimney caps in stainless steel and copper, which means you can be confident that, when you buy from us, your new cap will last you a long time. Prefer the look of a black or dark brown cap? No problem! We can powder coat caps for a custom finish.

We have:

  • round clamp chimney caps
  • top mount chimney caps/multi-flue caps
  • custom outside mount caps
  • custom top mount caps
  • custom traditional hoods
  • copper chimney pots
  • custom pot toppers
  • and specialized caps (like Vacu-Stack®) that eliminate downdrafts and wind problems

Getting your chimney the protection it needs is easy — from measurement and cap selection to fast and proper installation, you can count on SirVent STL.

Energy Top Dampers — Stop Wasting Money On Utilities & Start Saving For Better Things

What if there was a way to:

  • completely eliminate worries about leaks when your chimney wasn’t in use
  • keep out even the smallest animals, birds, and insects
  • replace a rusted throat damper
  • and lower your energy bills every month

— all with one single investment?

There is a way with an energy top damper. An energy top damper is a damper that’s attached to the top of the chimney flue, like a chimney cap. Unlike a chimney cap, an energy top damper can be popped open when you’re ready to light a fire and sealed close once the fire’s out.

That means you’ll get guaranteed leak protection starting at the very top of your flue — nothing will get past the damper. That also means that when you’re not using your fireplace, you won’t have to worry about the heated air in your home heading up the chimney and out of the house. Inside air will stay inside and outside air will stay outside, for a more comfortable home environment, without running the furnace full time.

Let’s recap. With an energy top damper you get:

  • protection against outside weather, birds, animals, and insects
  • protection against the loss of heat or air conditioned air through your chimney
  • and a new damper and cap in one

Our energy top dampers are easy to use, corrosion/rust resistant, and they carry a lifetime warranty. They also keep the flue warmer when closed, so when you go to light a fire in the fireplace, it’ll be easier to light and easier to get going — without all that creosote and smoke production. Plus, they’re discreet! What’s not to love?

Call Today — From Sizing To Installation, We’re Happy To Help

Put chimney leaks to bed for good, save money on utilities, and enjoy the many benefits of a quality, professionally installed chimney cap or energy top damper — call SirVent STL at 573-652-3926 or request an appointment online today. Have questions about which is best for your home or need help with sizing? We’d be happy to help — just ask!