Do You Have A Smoky Fireplace? It May Be Time To Schedule Smoke Chamber Repairs

Nobody wants to be bombarded by smoke when they light a fire in their fireplace — but it’s a pretty common scenario. In fact, a smoky fireplace is one of the most common complaints there is, and the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A smoky fireplace is a sign of a problem. What kind of problem? Many times, fireplaces pour smoke back into the home because of damage or design flaws in the smoke chamber — the upside down funnel below the chimney flue. This funneled area has the important job of escorting smoke and other byproducts of combustion into the flue so they can safely and rapidly exit the home. When the smoke chamber is undamaged and well-designed, it should easily and effectively do its job. But problems can arise…

Most commonly, smoke chambers are damaged by heat, age, and erosive byproducts like creosote. All of these things can cause cracks, gaps, and holes to form, which slows the passage of smoke and byproducts, and presents opportunity for heat to transfer and possibly start a house fire.

Another common cause of smoky fireplaces is smoke chamber design. Smoke chambers should be smooth-surfaced inverted funnels that provide a seamless, easy passageway for smoke. If they have rough edges, steps, or other design flaws, they simply won’t work as well as they should.

If you suspect that your smoke chamber is either badly designed or just in bad shape, schedule a safety inspection with SirVent STL as soon as you can. We can get a close up look at the entire smoke chamber and let you know what needs to be done. If smoke chamber repair or reshaping is needed, we can take care of it with Smoktite™, an insulating ceramic product made just for that purpose.

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Smoktite™ is a spray-on product that can seal smoke chamber surfaces, fill holes, gaps, and openings, and insulate and reshape the entire area. And the best thing is, Smoktite™ can restore your smoke chamber without any demo work — we don’t even have to remove the damper.

How much heat can Smoktite™ take?

Up to 2291 degrees F.

Is Smoktite™ resistant to water, vapor, and acid damage?


Is application quick and mess-free?

With SirVent, STL, you can count on it.


Why Should You Repair Your Smoke Chamber?

Repairing your smoke chamber with an effective product like Smoktite™ ensures that you enjoy a safer, more efficient fireplace. What can you expect after your smoke chamber is repaired?

  • a strong, insulated smoke chamber that won’t allow heat to transfer to walls and framing
  • better draft and fireplace performance
  • a smoke-free fireside experience
  • less creosote buildup in your fireplace and chimney
  • lowered risk of house fire and carbon monoxide exposure

It’s a winning investment any way you look at it! Ready to have your smoke chamber inspected and repaired? Call SirVent STL Chimney & Venting Service at 573-652-3926 or request an appointment online today. We’re locals who were born here in MO and we’re passionate about keeping our neighbors safer and ensuring you sleep better at night.