We Fix Leaky Chimneys In St. Louis & Jackson, MO By Providing Lasting, Effective Solutions & Preventative Services

Here in the St. Louis area, we have more rainfall every year than the national average, and we certainly get freezing rain, snow, and sleet from time to time. But all that moisture can really harm your chimney and its various parts, especially if there’s nothing guarding or shielding your chimney.

Leaky chimneys are all too common here, but the good news is, the team here at SirVent STL Chimney & Venting Service is all about offering effective, long-lasting fixes and preventative services designed to keep water out and keep your chimney in great shape throughout all seasons.

We fix and prevent leaky chimneys through the following services:

  • Crown Repair & Sealing — The crown covering your masonry chimney stack will likely crack over time if it’s not properly protected — and if construction was faulty, cracks and leaks will form faster than you can say “What happened?” If cracks or poor construction are a problem with your crown or you’d just like to have 20 years of protection against leaks and water-related cracks, we can help with PMP, Premier Mortar Preserve.
  • Chase Cover Replacement — Rusted out chase cover? Then your prefab chimney is in danger! The chase cover is the crown of a prefab chimney chase, and without it, the metal and wooden components in the chimney and framing, as well as the surrounding walls, ceilings, and attic space, can be quickly damaged by moisture. Let us replace your chase cover with a copper or stainless steel chase cover designed to provide real protection, decade after decade.
  • Chimney Caps & Energy Top Dampers — Why is it so important that you have a chimney cap or energy top damper at the top of your chimney flue? These important components shield your flue against rain, snow, sleet, ice, small animals, birds, and insects, and save you money by keeping air conditioned and heated air from going up into the chimney and exiting the home. Save your money for better things than high utility bills and chimney repairs by investing in a copper or stainless steel cap or energy top damper from SirVent STL.
  • Flashing Repair — Where your chimney exits the roof, there’s a lot of vulnerability and opportunity for leaks if flashing isn’t properly and professionally installed. Flashing provides the seams where roof and chimney meet with the leak protection needed — is your flashing doing its job or is it time to replace or repair it? We can help. We repair flashing quickly and can waterproof it with FlashSeal, for extra protection and confidence.
  • Chimney Sealing & Waterproofing — Stop worrying about masonry chimney deterioration and leaks by having your chimney professionally sealed and waterproofed with ChimneySaver water-repellent. It’s fast, it’s 99.9% effective, it’s vapor permeable, and it won’t leave a sheen, tint, or texture on your chimney. Plus, it provides decades of protection against every kind of moisture-related damage — from cracking and spalling to efflorescence, freeze/thaw, and mildew. It’s definitely worth every penny!

A leaky chimney doesn’t have to be part of your reality — call SirVent STL Chimney & Venting Service at 573-652-3926 to schedule an inspection and evaluation of your chimney. We’ll take a look at everything and let you know where weaknesses are, where repairs are needed, and what we recommend for keeping moisture out of your chimney for good. Call or fill out our online appointment request form and our local, courteous, reliable team of certified, licensed, and insured chimney professionals will be at your home or business when you need us.