Get Decades Of Leak Protection With Crown Repair & Sealing Services From SirVent STL

The crown is a cement covering at the top of the masonry chimney stack, and it’s the only thing keeping moisture out of the chimney itself. But because pouring rain, piled up snow, and heavy ice are all things that a crown here in Jackson, MO can come into contact with throughout the seasons, crowns have to be strong enough to withstand the erosive nature of moisture. If the crown is constructed improperly or made of a simple mortar mix, it simply won’t stand a chance against Missouri weather.

Most damage occurs because the crown absorbs moisture, which expands when it freezes, forcing the crown to crack and spall or flake in some places. As these eroded areas and cracks are exposed to more moisture, they worsen and become entryways for water. That’s when you have a leaky chimney.

Do you suspect a leaky crown? SirVent STL Chimney & Venting Service is at your service and ready to help.

Repairs Are Fast & Effective — Plus, We Can Seal Water Out For Decades!

Worried about water coming in through a cracked, leaky chimney crown? Call us! We repair and seal crowns using PMP (Premier Mortar Preserve), a product that’s guaranteed to provide 20 years of sealed protection in all weather. How does it work?

PMP is made of latex acrylics. It provides an elastomeric seal or barrier on the crown once dry, and it’s 100% weatherproof for 20 years of all-season protection. The product dries to a neutral gray, mortar appearance/stucco-type appearance, and because it remains permanently flexible, it won’t crack with the temperature changes outside.

How long does it need to work? The product is dry in just six hours and fully cured within just a few days.

One thing to take note of is that the PMP warranty isn’t valid if the crown has faulty construction, so before sealing your crown, first we’ll need to evaluate the design of your crown. We’ll check to make sure it’s:

chimney crown repair and sealed - st. louis mo - sirvent stl
  • 3+ inches thick
  • designed with a drip edge that goes beyond the chimney stack by 2+ inches
  • angled or sloped to encourage water runoff

If the construction is wrong, we’ll need to rebuild the crown first. If construction is fine, we’ll move right into sealing and repairs with PMP.

Technician Performing Masonry Chimney Crown Repair
Finished Crown Repair on Red & Tan Masonry Chimney
Chimney Technician Performing Chimney Crown Repair
Crown Repair on Gray Masonry Brick Chimney

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