Make Sure Water Stays Out Of Your Prefab Chimney With A Stainless Steel Or Copper Chase Cover

Do you have a leaky metal prefab chimney and chimney surround or chase? Leaks can be devastating to a masonry chimney, but your prefab chimney isn’t in the clear, either. Prefab chimneys and their chases can be just as devastated by leaks.

On a masonry chimney, the cement crown is what covers the top of the chimney stack and prevents water from entering and causing damage, but on a prefab chimney, that covering is known as a metal chase cover.

The chase cover completely covers the chimney chase, but has a single hole (or multiple holes if the chimney is a multi-flue chimney) for the flue. Unfortunately, many chase covers are made of weak metals that collapse or sag under the weight of rainwater, snow, and ice. Additionally, these weaker metal chase covers tend to rust and corrode over time, allowing water in slowly, but surely. That’s why chase cover leaks are so common.

Damaged Chase Cover on Roof Before Replacement
Chase Cover During Replacement
New Chase Cover on Roof After Replacement

How Do You Know If Your Chase Cover Needs To Be Replaced?

So how do you know if your chase cover is leaking or needs to be replaced? Look for:

  • rust on top of the chase cover or along the sides of the prefab chimney chase
  • wood rot, staining, or discoloration if your chase is made of wood or has vinyl siding
  • wood rot in your attic and water damage on walls near your chimney
  • rust or pooling water inside of your fireplace

If it’s time for a new chase cover, let the reliable and courteous professionals at SirVent STL take care of it for you. Because these important chimney components are prone to rust and water-damage, it’s wise to invest in a copper or stainless steel chase cover — one you know will last — and we’ve got just what you need right here at SirVent STL Chimney & Venting Service.

All of our chase covers are American made and can be custom fitted to just about any chimney. They’re made of stainless steel or copper, and carry a lifetime warranty against leaks, rust, and water damage. Our technicians go the extra mile and thoroughly inspect your chimney chase for water damage during the replacement of your cover to ensure that your chimney remains in pristine condition.

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